Platform Board Advertisment

Indian Railway is the lifeline of our country. With thousands of travellers depending upon Railways for their work or leisure, the importance of this transport system cannot be ignored. Ever wondered why Railway Stations are laced with Advertisements from top to bottom? Try and imagine the scene of Railway Station, countless passengers, waiting and rushing for trains, sitting at the Railway Stations.

Railway Station Branding is one of the most innovative and effective technique to reach out to the target audience. With train Advertisements, brands can reach wide and diverse consumers at once.

Advantages of Railway Station Branding:

  • Maximum Exposure: With train ads one can be assured of reaching maximum audience at once. Railway Stations have a footfall that includes everyone from business people, home makers, children, office goers to leisure travelers. Trains cover wide distances which also ensure that the communication message reaches diverse audiences spread across different areas.
  • Undivided Attention: The dwelling time at Railway Station or during train stops, gives the audience free time to explore their surroundings. The free time they get is the time the Advertisers can pitch their product or service to get maximum attention. The travellers are highly receptive, calm and open to communication during dwell time or travel time.
  • Cost-Effective: It is undoubtedly, the most cost-effective way of Advertising as one can reach diverse target audience at once with Railway Ads. Railway Advertising fits any ad campaign, any budget and can be preferred for both mass reach or for niche markets.
  • Location: The Advertising sites at Railway Stations are designed to reap high visibility and attention. The sites are available and are on the run for 24×7 and 365 days unlike other Advertising mediums.

Types of Railway Station Advertisements:

Railway Stations can be seen as a large canvas where the ads can be placed in accordance with the kind of audience visiting the Station. The Advertisements can be placed at various places in different forms at Railway Stations such as:

  • Railway Platform Advertising: Advertising on Railway Platform may seem a thing of the past but is still an effective medium of creating Brand awareness. Hoardings, banners and life size ads are surrounded by diverse masses all day long, and grabs maximum attention. New digital mediums like LED screens, swipe screens, kiosks etc are gaining popularity very fast and might ring a bell!
  • As Train Wrapping: It is impossible to ignore the Advertisements placed all over the train. One can see these Adverts Wrapped on the Train as it runs across the length of the train. It leaves a lasting impact on the minds of its audience and breeds Brand recognition in public.
  • Inside Train: Branding inside the train is the most effective way to get an undivided attention of the travellers. After the passenger has boarded the train he is in a relaxed state of mind, and definitely gives more attention to the surroundings around himself. The Brands can make full use of this receptive state of consumers by putting their Adverts inside the train like window, gates, baggage panels, and on the things like cups, magazines, spoons and even by offering product samples.