Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising is an End-Point Marketing Tool, providing you the opportunity to reach the individuals when they are in their best mood to buy. As Malls Advertising is location specific, brands can easily target the local audience, and mould the advert as per the taste, preferences and needs of the locals.

Reach consumers on their path to purchase with Out of Home media that will intercept them while they are in a shopping mood.

Mall advertising can put your message in front of people from all walks of life as they head to these popular retail destinations for shopping and entertainment.

Today’s malls are busy and upscale advertising environments full of excellent opportunities to make contact with your target audience. Located at entrances and key traffic locations, mall kiosk displays provide great visibility. These large backlit displays are frequent destinations for visitors using the directory.

In addition to traditional dioramas, many malls are now incorporating digital displays. These high definition screens allow advertisers to use full motion video to create dynamic and engaging content.