Instagram Advertisement

Instagram currently has more than one billion active monthly users. And this is just one impressive stat. It’s also the second most used social network (behind Facebook) and is still growing. Nowadays, advertising on Instagram is an absolute must for most companies.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads With Pictures
As the name suggests, these advertisements a photographic element. The visual aspect of Instagram is crucial and, thanks to the clean platform interface, any image can be converted into a much more attractive format.

Instagram Ads With Videos

If you want to offer a more immersive user experience, video-based Instagram ads are a fantastic option. The rest of the parameters remain the same but, as the name suggests, instead of an image, the ad consists of a video a video tailored to your target market.

Sequential Ads on Instagram 

If you want to show your target audience a series of pictures or videos, this type of Instagram ad is your best bet.

  • Awareness: this type of campaign is geared towards raising brand awareness. If you want to increase your reach and make potential customers remember you, this type of campaign is your best option. It is also well-suited for local distribution.
  • Consideration: this type of campaign is very useful when it comes to achieving objectives like getting more clicks on your website or presenting your brand as a great option during the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. These types of Instagram ads can also improve your reach and rate of interaction within your target market.
  • Conversion: if you’re looking for more app interaction, content downloads, lead acquisition, or increased sales, this campaign is without a doubt your best option.

In addition to knowing the different kinds of ads and campaigns available on Instagram, it’s important to define your business goals and to determine which platforms are best-suited to your needs before you create your Instagram Ads.