Facebook Advertising

Facebook marketing has the power to skyrocket sales and increase brand awareness.

A big difference between Google and Facebook is that people don’t get addicted to Google. Social media addiction is rife with Facebook alone seeing 1.62 billion daily visitors; it is also the most used social platform of them all.

Facebook makes an ideal platform to promote your product or service on because of the behavioural habits its users adopt. Browsing the News Feed, often driven by nothing other than boredom, the passive way Facebook users consume its information means they are primed and ready to be sold to.

Just like with other PPC platforms, you can control who sees your ads.

Another benefit of advertising on Facebook is that when you create your campaigns you get to choose from a wide range of aims. These dictate certain aspects of your ads depending on whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your page, sales, brand awareness or simply get your message in front of as many people as possible. Because you can be so specific with your advertising, it’s important to know yourself from the beginning what your aim is and choose accordingly. Better yet, if you’re torn between a few, you can create separate ad sets each with different setups. From there, you can compare your results and see which brings in the most leads.