Airport Advertising

Media in static and digital displays that are placed in and around domestic and international airports that deliver a message on behalf of an advertiser.

By attracting the audience through staggering advertisements display, airport advertising excites the viewers.

By likely increasing the chances of being observed and seen.

You may increase brand awareness through Airport advertising and create a bright and glorious image of your firm. Our communication focus
target audiences across four main airports in India, we are leading airport advertising agency in Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of India.

Options In Airport Advertising
Businesses this days use airport advertising as a ‘golden option’ in marketing efforts to promote brands, goods and expand their client base.
Based on the campaign’s goals, businesses might select from the following forms of airport advertising.

LightBox Advertising
The term ‘lightbox’ refers to a kind of airport advertising in which the backdrop is made up of billboards with led lighting. The mix of light, colors,
and pictures make it more enticing to customers, even though it is a static advertising technique.

Airport Billboards
A huge billboard at the airport may be found on the roadway leading to the airport. These billboards are typically placed in high locations with a wide
and clear view, allowing them to reach many potential customers.

Most billboards include at least 5–10 lights on each side so that people can view advertisements even at night. These billboards are placed on the highway
leading to the airport, where there is a significant traffic flow, making it simpler to reach customers. Users may be approached in a variety of ways.
For example, a billboard in a high position with wide visibility can reach consumers from various places and perspectives, using appealing pictures and words.

LCD Advertising
The most appealing and comprehensive approach to transmit information to clients is to use LED and LCD panels to show ads. There are three basic
types of advertising screens:

Video Wall Screen
This is a screen-type that allows installers to customize the screen size to their preference. These multiple tiny high-resolution
displays are combined in a monitor simultaneously for sharp, clear pictures. They are kept at the airport entrances, ticket counters, cafes,
airport terminals, or the airport’s control center.

Floor-stand LCD screen
Customers can see if they are standing in any posture thanks to the proper height of the LCD panel. The best position is next to the
luggage carousel, where travelers are waiting for their bags.

Wall-mounted LCD screen
Advertising on a wall-mounted LCD panel is extremely versatile. That is to say, the screen may be installed in various locations,
including the front of the gate, the security check area, and the check-in area.

These forms of LED and LCD screen airport advertising provide the finest display quality, ensuring a favorable customer perception of
the business as well as eliciting emotions and affection from viewers while viewing commercials. Above all, firms may profit from a variety of advantages.

Phone Charging Advertising
Many passengers will certainly use the time spent waiting at the airport to charge their phones. And companies may use these
charging stations to market their products and services.
The ideal locations for making these charging stations are:

VIP or regular lounges
Drop-Off Area
Business-class passenger area

Airport Media Promotion